Our values

Charity and Hope

These are the values that we believe to be inherent in each and everyone of us, in particular those who truly live the catholic faith. We wish our statues to be a mean that allows us to spread Charity and Hope together.

Charity and Hope, those are the guides of all our actions and decisions. We only make choices and do things that are compatible with these values. We refuse choices and actions that violate these principles.

We believe that together, we can make this world more human, just and sustainable.

Our Credo

More precisely, at Filumena, we believe in the following:

Human life is inviolable

We believe that human life since the moment of conception until the natural end is inviolable. Whatever the physical and mental state, a human being has the right to live in dignity with the charity and the respect of the others.

That is why we use our resources to protect Life. We care especially for those who don’t have yet or don’t have any more the capacity to defend themselves.

In our production activities, we put the safety of the workers above all.

Human dignity is precious

We believe that human dignity is precious. Each and everyone of us deserves to live in dignity thanks to their labor or the solidarity of the others.

That is why we make efforts to integrate in our training those capable of working and offer them jobs that are suitable to their aptitudes and abilities. Our workers obtain just remuneration to assure necessary material conditions for live up to there dignity.

For those who can’t work any more or can’t work yet, we treat them with respect and solidarity.

We aid underprivileged children to continue their studies to acquire needed knowledge and skills for a better future.

We commit at least 25% of our benefits to support actions to protect Life, respect human dignity and spread seeds of Hope.

Every human being deserves the charity and the justice

We believe that every human being deserves the Charity and the Justice. The contribution of each person to the creation of spiritual and material values is acknowledged in a just manner. The benefits of the labor are shared fairly.

The artists benefit from their artworks created under our supervision as long as the artworks are still commercialized.

The workers have to right to a social protection level which is better than that required by the law.

Those who invest in our activities receive their deserved interests.

We select carefully the partners to distribute our products and set up a strategy to ensure a stable source of clients.

Regarding our clients, we provide products and services of the best quality to the best of our capacity. We keep working on the improvement and the creation of new products. The prices are fixed at a level compatible to local living standard.

We communicate publicly and frequently about our social activities achieved with the sale of our products.

A human and just world is also more sustainable

Our production and commercial activities must not hinder the rights and the legitimate interests of others. We protect the environment especially where we are active. We don’t use natural resources at risk of depletion due to overexploitation.

We honour our social responsibilites with honesty.

Together, give Charity and Hope

If you share with us these beliefs and would like that we make these efforts together, please leave us a message using the contact form.

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